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My official title is psychotherapist but what I do is help people to get unstuck so that they can have happier lives and not feel restricted by poor relationships, overthinking and anxiety .

People choose to come to counselling for all sorts of reasons. 

Being overwhelmed, feeling stuck, or feeling like you’ve lost your sense of self. 

I help everyday people to thrive and finally stop repeating unhealthy patterns.

I provide the tools to get you to help yourself and transform into the person that you want to be. 


I've been where you are ...

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Once upon a time I was that people pleaser. 

I found it difficult to say no and I had no idea what healthy boundaries were.

After feeling frustrated with one sided relationships, I decided enough was enough.

I learned as much as I could about human behaviour, healthy relationships and trauma.

My own healing journey inspired me to make this my life’s work and New Frame Therapy was born.  

Now it means everything to me to help other empathic souls to heal from hurtful experiences of the past. 

I help people to make sense of their experience, be kinder to themselves and set healthy boundaries. 

My goal is healthy relationships, whether that’s the relationship that you have with yourself, or others. 

Aside from therapy, I am an avid book reader. A drinker of all teas. A wife, a mum of boys and a self-confessed introvert who isn’t impartial to extrovert tendencies. 

Work with me



Online Counselling for anxiety, relationship issues and healing trauma. Develop your own coping strategies and reduce anxiety.



Improve communication, resolve conflict and bring the spark back into your relationship.



Practical and solution focused coaching for those who are highly motivated and ready for transformation.

Maybe you're overwhelmed?

You might be feeling overwhelmed and like there is a real imbalance in some of your relationships, but you want that change. 

You want to have relationships that are fulfilling and show mutual respect, to feel connected and secure, without feeling controlled or manipulated.   

I help those who have big hearts and are great at helping others, but don’t often show themselves the same level of empathy and compassion.  

I work with women who are typically people pleasers and the fixers in their relationships.  

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My qualifications

& counselling experience

I am trained to Master’s level from the University of Roehampton and began my training in 2008 with an advanced diploma in integrative counselling and psychotherapy.

I am a registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and an accredited member of the National Counselling Society (NCS). This means I abide to their strict code of ethics and practice. I regularly attend clinical supervision to ensure I am meeting the needs of my clients by working safely, ethically and with clinical competence.

I'm also a content creator, group facilitator and featured expert in publications such as Psychologies and Stylist Magazine.

My Qualifications

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