What to expect in your first counselling session


What to expect in your first counselling session If you’ve never had counselling before, it can feel quite daunting if you don’t know what to expect in your first counselling session. Starting the counselling process is a big step, it might be that you’ve been considering for a long time that you there are some areas […]

Stress – how to manage your time effectively

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Stress – how to manage your time effectively Workplace stress and anxiety is becoming more prevalent and is a common concern in the UK. Statistics show that up to 13.4 million working days are lost in a year due to stress and eighty-five per cent of adults in the UK experience stress on a regular basis. We […]

Couples and Relationship Counselling

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Many celebrity couples are now being more open about attending relationship counselling.  It has become an open conversation on understanding what it takes to have and maintain a happy and healthy relationship. High profile have shared how couples therapy or marriage therapy has helped them to overcome their relationship challenges. From Kristen Bell & Dax […]

Top Ten Tips to Relieve Anxiety

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Anxiety is a normal emotion that we all experience, during times of excited anticipation, or times of being under extreme stress or threat.

The impossible task of people pleasing


We’ve all been there, agreed to do something or other to help out a friend, a family member or a colleague despite being overexerted and pushed for time.

Five tips on choosing the right therapist

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Five tips on choosing the right therapist So you’ve made the decision that you need some extra help in coping with some life difficulties. Recognising when you need additional help and support from a counsellor is an empowering and courageous choice. When you seek your own private therapist it gives you the flexibility of finding somebody who you can […]

Dealing with Loss at Christmas


Christmas can be an amazing and festive time to be with those you love – but for those dealing with loss and bereavement, it can also be a painful reminder and a heart wrenching time of year. Grief and loss is one of the most difficult life experiences …