What Beyoncè can teach you about Boundaries

Arguably, Beyoncé is one of the greatest entertainers of our time (although who wants to really argue this point) and although her performing ability is pretty amazing, that’s not what I’m referring to.
Recently in Harper’s Bazaar magazine Beyonce was asked: how do you process celebrity culture and protect your inner self?
Her response was golden.

Boundaries at Christmas


Anytime is a good time to think about boundaries but boundaries at Christmas might just be what helps you to get through the feeling of impending doom.
There is something about being confined to a small space with your family. With no escape to the shops, and alcohol at the ready, it’s a common occurrence for family festivities to turn into a full on family argument. Eastenders didn’t get their explosie Christmas episodes from nothing.

What you need to know about boundaries

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Boundaries are what shows others what we will and won’t accept and is based on our own personal experiences and values.

Everyone needs to set boundaries. Boundaries are essential to healthy relationships and a healthy life.
Unfortunately, setting and sustaining boundaries is a skill not many have mastered. For a lot of people, setting boundaries is still a challenge.
Having healthy boundaries means knowing and understanding what your limits are.

Here’s why you don’t set healthy boundaries

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Healthy boundaries are important for our wellbeing and relationships as it teaches others how we expect to be treated. When we value our time, physical and personal boundaries, it shows that we value our self worth. People are more likely to respect our boundaries when we are able to make it clear what we will and will not accept. 

10 Signs You Should See a Therapist

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10 signs you should see a therapist   A common question I am often asked during client intake is, how do you know it’s the right time to see a therapist.    Maybe you’ve been thinking about therapy for a while.   Or perhaps your anxiety has reached a peak level. You can’t control how often you […]

Relationship Green Flags for a Healthy Relationship

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Relationship Green Flags for a Healthy Relationship  What makes a healthy relationship? Believe it or not, this question in therapy comes up often and it’s a valid and very important question to ask. It’s not just about physical attraction, or that you have things in common. When there are things happening in a relationship that […]

Free Self Care Survival Tips

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The term Self Care is becoming a common phenomena with many of its own hashtags #selfcare #selfcaresaturday #selfcaresunday are just a few with plenty of more out there in the world of social media. No doubt you would heard the term used before, but with all this talk of self care, what does it actually mean and how does it help people who want to look better and feel better about themselves?  I often share with my clients the importance of self care and why it’s necessary to incorporate it as part of a healthy lifestyle whenever it is possible, including those times where there seems to be barriers or challenges preventing you from practicing self care.It can be particularly useful to those who are already struggling with mental health issues and find it difficult to identify when some of their own basic needs are not being met, no matter how small. 

Six signs to spot depression

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We’ve all heard the statistic that 1 in 4 people will suffer from anxiety and depression each year. Thanks to public campaigns such as Rethink Mental Health and Heads Together, we are now becoming more aware and open to talking about this very common mental health problem. Depression is a word used rather commonly in everyday language to describe feeling down or having a bad day or two – but clinical depression goes far deeper than this. We all have the odd bad day, but what happens when a bad day or two turns into weeks, months or years?