for therapists

Coaching service for therapists starting the journey or private practice or for those who often find themselves on google asking:

how do I get more clients?

helping therapists to grow their business.

The psychotherapy, counselling and coaching profession is rewarding life work, and while we learn about how to best serve our clients and work through difficult emotional difficulty, what we are not taught are the skills needed when entering the working field and becoming a self-employed therapist.  

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trust actions not words

areas that i can help

  • Mindset and overcoming imposter syndrome  
  • Social Media and how to use it as a source of client referrals
  • Getting consistent client referrals 
  • Fee Setting  

Website – use your website to show who you help and how, and again, let clients who need your help, actually find your services. 

Outside of the box thinking to not do what everybody else is doing, but find unique ways to hone in on your skills, in a way that feels authentic and ethical to your therapy practice.  

new frame therapy

The Story

I started my private practice New Frame Counselling and Psychotherapy in 2017.  

I’ve learnt from my mistakes and have seen first hand the things that work and the things that were a waste of time, effort and money.  

You could spend the time to find these out for yourself, but I’ve done all the work so that you don’t have to try and figure it out.  

You can feel a sense of purpose with your work and know that you are helping your clients, while building a successful and profitable practice.  

Interested in working with me and growing your business?

how I work


initial call

We’ll start off with an initial call, to see if we are suited to work together. 


book appointment

If we feel that we can work together, we’ll book our first call in the diary.


virtual call

In the comfort of your own home, we’ll have our first virtual call and begin healing.