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Secure Application

Want my help to feel less anxious about relationshaps? To stop the cycle of unhealthy relationships so you spend less time worrying and more time living in the moment?

You’ve probably had a series of relationships where you’ve felt like things were one sided, or you’ve never fully been able to trust. 

You want to feel more connected in your relationships, but on the other hand it feels uncomfortable putting your trust in someone. Especially if you’ve been hurt in the past.

You’ve been trying to figure things out on your own. Following therapists on socials, reading self help books, but nothing is really hitting the spot to get you over your relationship insecurities. 

Secure is for you if:

  • You don’t want to rely on romantic relationships to feel good about yourself 

  • You’re a high achiever who struggles with relationships

  • Trusting others and yourself feels hard 

  • It’s more important to be liked than ask for what you need 

  • You struggle to say no and feel resentful later 

  • It’s hard to feel in control of your emotions and express how you feel

  • Self development and changing unhelpful patterns is your thing 

  • Investing in yourself and your wellbeing is a priority 

  • You’re motivated to do the work and are open to growth 

  • You want to be in control of your feelings and emotions 

Secure is NOT for you if:

  • You’re not interested in becoming self aware or making any changes 
  • There’s a lot going on in your life and you don’t have the time to invest in yourself 
  • Improving your relationship with yourself and others is not a priority 
  • Self development and self awareness feel like a waste of time

Here’s what to do next:

Book in for a 15 Minute Relationship Audit where we’ll look at how you can shift the cycle of unhealthy relationships

In this Relationship Audit call we will – 

Look at your closest relationships where you often feel stuck

Identify the pattern that’s causing you issues with those closest to you 

Learn your next three steps so you can move forward 

You’re not able to book a spot on the program on this call. If we both feel aligned and I know I’m able to help, we’ll book another call where I’ll show you how.

Book a time below and I look forward to chatting soon: